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HR management

HR Management System

Easy to use HR Management & Payroll system in the latest web technology
School management

School Management System

Subscription based School Management system for operational excellence
Hospital management

Hospital Management System

From registration to discharge, a seamless product to make your operations more efficient, collaborative, and manageable
Material management

Materials Management System

A product to control & track the demand, prices, availability, quality, delivery schedules etc of materials in an organisation seamlessly
Account management

Billing & Accounts System

No matter what your business is, tracking the money moving in and out of your accounts is a top priority. This product makes it all incredibly easy!
Document management

Document Management System

With our Document Management System, tracking and locating files can be a breeze. Easy to use and scalable, it is the perfect product for managing your documents.

Pathology Lab Booking System

The primary objective of this Lab Booking System is to schedule and book lab appoitments and home collections to minimize wait times substantially

Survey App

A powerful tool to collect data with GPS tracking to replace the cumbersome paper surveys with cost saving and accuracy

QR Code Warehousing App

This modern warehousing App reduces tedious record keeping and improves transparency in effectively tracking the processes
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