Digital Marketing Ideas to Promote Events

Posted in: April 13, 2020 at 7:03 am

By: root

Digital Marketing is the best platform these days to promote events and connect with the target attendees. With the different online promotion mediums, it has become quite easy to spread the buzz about an upcoming event. Through an integrated social media directed digital marketing plan, there are many cost-effective and clever ways to instantly connect with your audience.

A lot has happened in the events industry this past year. Even small cities like Guwahati play host to a number of prominent events these days. From small business to top-notch companies, organising events have become a smart way to attract new customers and thank the existing ones. But an event is only as successful as the number of attendees. Hence, a pre-event digital marketing strategy can clearly drive customer engagement, and therefore can have a definable impact on your attendance. Digital Promotions can let you target people searching for event-related key terms.

Still wondering how to promote your event? We have listed below the best digital platforms to consider :


Social media is a powerful tool to drive attendance, hype, and engagement, whether it’s a physical conference or an online event. In order to reach potential attendees, post-high-quality pictures and videos, and fun updates and highlights of your event. Also, a pre-event buildup can engage both potential attendees and those who’ve registered.
Facebook Ads is another platform that allows you to leverage advanced, granular, and highly accurate audience targeting for your event. It also gives you another assist by providing target parameters to pinpoint your audience. You can even define who they are, what they are interested in, and even what type of information they want, and when.


Google Ads can be used to place your event ad at the top of a search results page, as well as on YouTube, mobile apps, and over two million websites. You can bid on how much you’ll pay for clicks like an auction while using Google Ads. While using Pay Per Click (PPC) it’s important to choose the right keywords. If you’re putting on a rock concert in Guwahati, then “rock concert Guwahati” is a good place to start.
You can also advertise to your mailing list subscribers. Google allows you to upload your mailing list when creating a PPC ad campaign.


Another instrumental medium to drive subscribers to sign up and attend the event is Email marketing. It is an effective marketing channel for promoting events which also helps to drive maximum ROI. Plus, there is a variety of email and event marketing software that enable marketers to easily launch massive email campaigns.

A great website is the heart of a great digital marketing plan. After all, this is the first thing that attendees see before they register. If you want to secure a great no. of registrations, you need to make sure that your website drives users to that end result. Create a solid landing page, plan your content, enable a chatbot for automated responses to any queries. If you implement the right strategy and the right tool, you can make your event a grand success.