Smart LinkedIn Marketing Tips For You

Posted in: April 13, 2020 at 6:38 am

By: root

Social visibility is widely required in today’s mobile friendly population to reach out to them.  Apart from the entertainment purpose, a serious platform for ‘professional only’ uses LinkedIn is a smash option to explore and demonstrate your business skill and worth.

Now-a-days LinkedIn has become one of the most effective platforms for expanding your professional reach and improving your business results with more than three billion users. Following are some easy marketing tips to use the World’s widest professional social media site.

1: Create Calls to Action
Make sure you include a call to action in each LinkedIn Publisher post, whether it’s to get more information from another link, contact you, or sign up for a free e-book or white paper. A call to action that speaks directly to your potential, ideal, or current clients will engage your audience and direct them to your funnel.
People who are successful at generating leads with LinkedIn Publisher do a combination of their own content and sharing links to external resources that both inform and build their credibility. They also include a phone number, email address, or calendar link at the end of the post, so prospects can easily contact them.

2: Include Catchy Visuals
Visuals can make or break whether people click on your LinkedIn Publisher articles. Cohesive, colorful, well-branded images will draw people to your article and drive them to open it. For your LinkedIn Publisher articles, you can use your own photos or stock photos, or create custom graphics. If you’re able to, consider hiring a graphic artist to create something special just for your brand.

3: Use Original Contents
If you’re already creating valuable content in the form of blog posts, newsletters, and other articles, you can repurpose content for LinkedIn Publisher. But you’ll also want to create original content for your LinkedIn readers. One reason to publish original, unique content on LinkedIn audience is to use it as a testing platform.

4: Optimize LinkedIn For SEO
LinkedIn now sports 364,000,000+ members and this rapidly growing social media platform consistently ranks highest for its B2B lead generation value, finding new talent or landing a new job. Yet, many companies are still not aware of the search engine optimization value LinkedIn offers. Treat and optimize your LinkedIn company page for SEO just as you would any page on your website.

5: Be Market Smart
Before posting anything on social media, you need to know why are you doing this and who will be benefited. When posting on LinkedIn, research and engage with new users and groups before reaching out with appropriate content.