How Social Media Transforms Tourism

Posted in: April 13, 2020 at 6:30 am

By: root

Social media has changed almost every single industry from corporate to health and medical, educational to fashion and lifestyle; credits to its highly interactive features. But when comes to Travel and tourism industry it has revolutionized the sector which is a distinct story.

Thanks to the latest features like selfies, reviews, social media ratings in digital mediums of popular travel blogs and so on.  Perhaps even more importantly, customer service and specifically, customer complaints have really taken the travel industry to a new high.

According to some surveys, 97 percent of millennials are now using social networks while traveling, while over 50 percent are eager to meet other people staying at their hotel.  Meanwhile, 84 percent of Facebook users admitted in a PRSA Travel & Tourism poll that viewing their friends’ post actually influenced their own future travel plans.

It’s certainly a friendly and outgoing trend and it’s something that only benefits the travel industry as a whole. Therefore, travel agents are forced to become more social media friendly and even more well connected to offer superior rates and can be found booking trips site to site. So, lets have a look what trends are in these days:

Planning a holiday online : As said earlier now-a-days planning a trip to anywhere from anywhere in the world is really a no-time matter. Technological advancement has make our world a global village where now we can plan a 6 days & 7 nights trip to Pataya sitting at a corner of Assam. Planning for a destination now include the hotels and stay, the sightseeing, the food you have all in all everything which matters to you can be planned right from the doorstep sitting at the comfort of home. This is possible because all the service providers from hotels to restaurant are live on net. Here who’s not properly social can miss a plenty of options.

Reference of others: When someone is very much pleased with the services of any trip they have –they can probably reference other people to join the same experience through social media. Instead of going to his native place and search people to share his experience he can share it in social sites to number of people. This is an organic form of indirect advertisement which works as a booster for the company/service provider.

Social Media Reviewing: Like the reference, reviewing has also become an integral part for many as it has become easily accessible. Platforms like TripAdvisers provide options to write reviews for any of the hotels, restaurants listed with them. So smart planners plan up everything after thorough research of every reviews.

Finding Groups in Common: As a recent trend travelers love to meet groups in facebook who are also visiting the same place and plan together for a dineout or shopping or anything else. The group activity opens up the limitations of exploring the place with a wider scope giving the service provider more options to serve.

Best View Steal the Show: From the above, one thing is understood clearly that; the more you are visible online, chances of your client engagement will boost up. As popularly said; the best view steal the show, people who can popularize themselves and go viral can easily steal the show being the different among the crowd. For professional help contact us and get the best Social packages customized for your organization. Be Socially active and grow like never before.