How Social Media Affects SEO

Posted in: April 13, 2020 at 6:37 am

By: root

For an effective search engine optimization, a good social media strategy is must, which is mostly misunderstood by many. For advertisers and brands, search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) have been the tried and true methods of reaching customers on the internet and both of these are inter-connected. The relationship between the two primarily has to do with establishing social media profiles, gaining social shares and leveraging high-authority social networks to establish quality backlinks.

  1. Social sharing directly increases the visibility of a page, which means it may get noticed by a creator of content, such as a blogger, journalist, or author. That creator may mention it in a subsequent piece of content. If they linked to it, that page is then more likely to rank. For sharing to affect rankings, a lot of things have to go right, such
  2. Why to share? b) Whom to share? c) What to share?

One way to help this process along is to actively build relationships with content creators, sharing content with them specifically. Social influencers amplify impressions, but content creators create the ranking benefit. They include:

  • Bloggers and blog editors
  • Journalists
  • Podcasters
  • Academic Researchers
  • Event producers

If rankings are important to you, relationships with creators of content are important to you. Content creators are a hidden, but important, target audience for most businesses. But many of them don’t realize it.

  1. When links to your content are established across each of your social media platforms they serve as a guide for search engines to understand what websites are credible and how they should be ranked for specific keywords.

This will help your company to be found based on its social media content due to the specific keywords that are used on each of your social media platform pages. This is extremely important for (business-to-business) B2B marketing because it will help you to be found by and communicate with your target market.

In addition, social media profiles generally rank well (often very high) in search engines. Each of the big social media platforms serve as authority sites that will often rank higher than a company’s own website.

  1. Another important factor to consider is that each social media platform is essentially a search engine. Many social media users are now searching social media for specific products or services.

Oftentimes social networks provide more specific results than general search engines may provide. LinkedIn is the best B2B connection hub and Slideshare has joined Youtube as B2B content hubs.

In regards to the relationship between social media and search engine optimization the objective is to establish a complete presence on each social media platform. This will help you to get found more often on search engines by your target audience.