5 Requirements of Mobile App Development

Posted in: January 13, 2021 at 6:41 am

By: root

Developing apps for a mobile environment is a completely different task than developing for the desktop environment. If you are looking at mobilization of core business processes, this is something of your interest.


Mobile apps must be designed to function across a wide spectrum of mobile environments. An app designed to run on a private WiFi network with free range access to the corporate network, for example, can run into performance issues when end user access the file from outside the company’s facilities.

Data on Demand

Leveraging push technology is an important and often overlooked attribute of mobile application development. While mostly associated with the delivery of user notifications, push and synch technologies deliver significant value by enabling mobile apps to work when users are offline.

Integrated Application Management

An unappreciated aspect of application development is the management of those applications. This includes all of the components of comprehensive lifecycle management, including application testing, rollout, updates and retirement.

An Unique User Experience

Mobile computing and communications require a unique user experience, completely distinct from a desktop environment. Enterprises that adopt development platforms that enable the creation of apps that provide a simplified user experience that is consistent across multiple platforms will make huge strides toward realizing their enterprise mobility ambitions.

Integrated Security

Given that the principal outcome of the next phase of the mobilization of the workforce is the increased accessibility of behind-the-firewall data to mobile devices, security is a crucial consideration of mobile app development.

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