A content management system can be defined as a system used for creating, editing and publishing content in a consistent and organized manner. It is a software application or set of related programs that are used to create and manage digital content.

Web.Com(India) has over 14 years of expertise developing and implementing Content Management Systems (CMS) ranging from small businesses, large corporate firms and Govt./PSU units. The key to a great CMS is being user friendly. A feature rich system can be utilized to bring out the best in a website only if the user experience is easy and can be handled by a less technically aware person.

When we design and develop CMS, our project management team corresponds with the client personally regarding the user interface and the optimum performance that is expected. This ensures that the client doesn’t get surprised when they are delivered the CMS and more importantly feel much more secure of being in a friendly environment within the system that they would be using at large.


Our CMS are divided into two sections:

Off the Shelf

When the client requires a CMS with default features regarding the usual maintenance of their websites involving updating of content and adding/removing pages and also some high end features like social media integration and implementation time being a constraint or essence, we advise and implement ready made solutions.

Customized CMS

Sometimes a readymade content management system doesn’t quite fit the client’s requirement. This is where a customized CMS comes into action. Our experts co-ordinate with the client in order to understand and execute their requirements while creating a user friendly CMS.

CMS is largely supported by the PHP and .NET platforms. Environments such as DRUPAL and JOOMLA! helps provide the necessary modules which meet and fit the requirements. If existing modules do not work as desired, individual modules would be developed to work as expected by the client with the same familiar CMS environment.

In 2019, having a website for Musicians and Music Bands in a city like Guwahati has become more important than ever. A website can save you from the large printing budget required for your bands’ promotions. It can give you better visibility and greater reach most of the time than any no. of Billboards or Banners. You can also let your fans interact with each other and stay updated about your next concert or next album release. It’s vital for bands to have a connection with fans and a website is a perfect gateway to achieve it.

However, the important question that crops up is, in the age of social media, why do you need a website? The answer, however,  is simple. With so many professional bands that already have their own website, fans simply expect you to have a website. In fact, a website is critical to brand you as serious in your profession and also to give you a certain level of credibility in the music industry.

Moreover, an attractive website can have a great first impression for record labels and production houses. Having a good website with all the details can also attract more sponsors for your concerts and bring in some commercial advantages too. Today, the music industry has fierce competition and having a website with proper SEO integration can give you a better competitive edge over others. Every brand and business requires proper marketing, and the same goes for Music Bands and Musicians.


A website, with its many features, along with growing your fanbase can also become a great way to earn resources. Through your own website, you can keep the profits by selling your EP or album directly without a secondary seller. You can also stock up on an online store with band merchandise like t-shirts, signed posters, etc. There are plenty of bands who also engage in affiliate marketing through their websites to generate income successfully.

The inescapable truth about music careers is you need money to make it happen. Specially for the novice Musicians, it’s even more important. But the only option doesn’t always have to pleading. Your fans might want to support you and be a source of financial support.  For them, a tip jar page on your website is a great idea to begin with. It could be worth so much value to your online yearly income.

Another importance of owning a website is that you can control the design and the content you want to share with your audience. There are no restrictions and it can always be customized according to the changing demands. There are no ads to distract your fans unlike social networking sites, and there aren’t dozens of other links vying for attention.

These few reasons are significant enough to not be ignored and to be carefully considered. While it’s important to have a website, it is also equally important to make it professional. It should have an appealing web design to generate new fans and keep the existing ones engaged.

Build a stunning website for your music band and promote your music. Grow your fanbase with built-in marketing tools. Make your mark as a successful rock-band by developing a mobile responsive website.

Web.Com (India) Pvt. Ltd. a pioneer in providing Software solutions across North East and abroad is starting a new website training verticalWeb.Com Training. It is a specialized training & education institute. Our mission is to accomplish the target for current demand of IT professionals. The demand for skilled manpower against the changing technology has created a vacuum in the North East.  Web.Com Training will groom students to meet the demand with practical oriented training and give exposure to LIVE projects.


Currently, the biggest challenge in the software industry is to keep pace with the rapidly changing technologies. In fact, everyone, whether he is a student or a professional, it is essential for a constant up gradation of technology.

Keeping this in mind, we have designed courses for software professionals who wish to keep a finger on the pulse of the latest technology.

To emphasize, if you’re someone who has an interest in computers, you can choose from our various courses. We offer Web designing and developing to Mobile App Development and also Digital Marketing to promote the brand’s online presence.

Web DesigningWeb DevelopmentMobile App Development or Digital Marketing courses are short-term professional job oriented courses. Besides, there are huge opportunities available for the students who wish to work in these fields. Furthermore, many private and public organizations are hiring developers regularly to work with them. With the rapid advent of the online industry, the demand of web professionals are increasing and this has created huge job opportunities for the aspirants. Also, an experienced person can work as a freelancer; there are many online companies which provide online projects to these individuals.

Web.ComIndia offers a service spectrum ranging from conceptualizing, planning, designing, implementing and maintaining websites that yield considerable results for any company. We have many valuable years of experience in developing websites using the latest web technologies. Our in-house team of experts provides superior web design services that deliver great results. Our primary objective is to collaborate with your business to create a professional and result-oriented web presence that helps you achieve your goals. We have nearly three decades of web design experience and have produced successful websites that look great on every device.

Web.ComIndia’s design team facilitates an array of services which include a static web presence, site structuring and web content management, Dynamic websites and portals designed for running various types of applications. Web.ComIndia enjoys strong credentials and has worked on prestigious projects which have been widely acclaimed by the clients and media.

Our web development team focuses on utilizing the latest standards and requirements so as to provide our clients with the web products which are among the best in the business. We have a complete dedicated process to functionally revamp your business. Our team of experts focuses on every aspect minutely, not only from your perspective but from your visitor’s perspective as well.

All our websites are SEO optimized and search engine friendly so as to provide maximum exposure to our client’s website and help their business grow and achieve their goals and make a mark in an already overcrowded business domain. SEO-friendly web design helps your audience to get you noticed easily in search engines. Our team of expert web designers knows how search engine and searches work. From images to text size and color selection to page navigation and call-to-action signals, we implement all these elements in a way that makes your website easily accessible for Google crawlers as well as end-users.

Today every Healthcare organization needs a website. It is impossible to imagine a successful organisation without an Online representation. A hospital website is a platform that showcases general and updated information on important aspects like patient services, treatments, technologies as well as events.

A website is an extension of a healthcare organization’s brand. The website’s look, functionality and content represent a brand’s values meanwhile reinforcing its brand perceptions in the marketplace.

Most importantly, having an Online Presence is currently considered a successful sales channel in the healthcare industry because it gives easy access to the related facilities and products. For instance, more and more potential patients are seeking necessary information online while choosing a particular Health care centre.

Hospitals must additionally be aware that there’s a large majority of website visitors who need to find the information quickly, during an emergency or prior to a visit. This will ensure that your Health centres web resource brings you and your patients the maximum benefit.

Therefore, the first thing that your website must include is a detailed list of the services including the price list.
Information about the doctors of the Healthcare Center, with all the details about each doctor: their experience, qualifications, awards received. Indicate their schedule and book an online appointment with their preferred doctor.

An emergency call number and an interactive map.

3D video of the hospital wards.

A “Question-Answer” forum, a feedback form, online doctor’s advice,  video reviews of medicines,

At Web.com(India) we have years of experience in creating professional Healthcare websites across northeast India and abroad.

It is now more important than ever for every Hotel to have a great looking website. It is ultimately the consumer who drives change in the market so it is important to ensure that customer will enjoy using the website. A customers prime expectation is that booking accommodation needs to be visual, easy, simple and informative. Moreover, it should also work on whatever device they feel like using at the time.

The first impression of your Hotel is very important in any situation. But when it comes to travel, It doesn’t happen when your guests walk in the door and check-in; it starts when they visit your website.

If your website makes it difficult or time-consuming for a customer to book or distracting, they might change their mind and switch to others.

A website is your Hotels face on the Internet. It reflects your hotel’s unique personality and destination as opposed to using the same template. Having your own independent website you get the freedom to add a greater amount of information to show what really sets you apart. You can also add any external links of relevant sites, which can help with your SEO. With your hotel’s official independent brand site, you will be able to fully optimize to rank for many more keywords.

In a city like Guwahati, where every next person is seen to be with a handset with mobile data enabled. Here almost 30 % of the population refers to google and search for coupons before taking a decision. It is important for every salon to build a professional website with SEO to stand out. The online appointment booking, e-commerce, and electronic gift codes are also essential to attract customers. Here are some tips for the ones who are trying to create one!

A beauty salon is an essential place for individuals who are curious about their look. So there is quite a wide prospect for your business to bloom.  Hence you will just have to make people aware of it and advertise your services. A well-developed Digital Marketing plan can help you make your business successful.

Marketing of A Salon Website in Guwahati:

Unlike retail products, it’s quite difficult for salons to run profitably with walk-in business alone. You must make customers know where you are and the reasons to come to you. Getting the word out about your business you must build a website and start a buzz about your services. The important key services to building your salon’s brand are through Building a website, Focussing on Seo and Google Ads, or Social Media Marketing.

For a school it is important to make a good first impression. Before anyone physically sets their foot into a school building, the school’s website enables them with an opportunity for a virtual visit. A good school website often is the first contact that people have with the school. Therefore, the school website affects the overall image and reputation of a school. It can gradually increase the value of the school. Having a good school website can also deliver a good user experience for its regular users, including teachers, students and parents.

School is a basic and fundamental institution.  And it is here where almost every person’s life begins to transform, where they start their formal education. Thus schools are acknowledged as the knowledge temple of human civilization. A school’s website is one of its most effective tool. Through a website a school can communicate, engage with parents, market its strengths, and build a solid and trusting reputation within its community. Hence, a website holds the current trend, to which everyone looks upon. It provides a platform to the students and their parents to get a continual track of the performance, attendance, and other curriculum stuff.


The prime one is to provide timely, engaging, and current information to the parents, students, staff, and community. The next is to attract new students and recruit quality staff. So, a schools website must  fulfill both purposes of providing current information to the existing customers and also market to potential customers.

Parents and prospective parents want nothing more than seeing and knowing the life in school. Adding photo galleries, video, flip books, details and description adds to the depth of your content. It draws the users into a greater level of engagement. So your school website software should include these and make it as easy as possible.

When we are talking about Website-what comes first? An image or a brand or you can say as it’s the first impression of an organization. With the changing world everything new comes every now and then shows great features that found their places on the modern websites. Here your website may be lacking something; new features, new technical advancements but you may not consider them as important. Trust me they are.

If you’re not sure just go through the questions given below, answer them honestly.

  • Does the website attract many visitors?
  • Do you use corporate colors in design?
  • Does the website have intuitive user interface?
  • Is it easy to reach every page of the website?
  • Is it easy to find the required information?
  • Does it take the web-page to upload less than 2 sec?
  • Are there is any clear error message/s and 404 page/s?
  • Does the website behave as expected?
  • Is it easy to support, edit and update the website and content?
  • Does the website look good in every popular browser and any monitor?

If you are not satisfied with the answers then it’s the right time to think about rebuilding your website. Rebuilding will not only bring new life to your site but give it a lift in the search engine results for a while, which is Important.


No matter if you are a newbie or already work for a long time on a market, you should have a brand style and design to identify your company. If you don’t then establish it! The website is the digital invitation to contact you and to work with you. Anyone who comes to your site must catch your logo from the header, so the brand colors and design should be in sync with all with the information on the web-page.

It’s very important to make the right first impression. Otherwise the visitor will exit and never come back.


This point is the tricky but very essential to cover. Each and every website has its own requirements, while every website needs a customization, or enhanced user-interactivity, such as; a call-to-action button, a better contact form, or may be something else. You ought to customize each link and feature thoroughly so that no point is left.


Ultimately, what is needed is the support from your visitors’ end and what they actually want. Carry out polls, surveys, and feedback to be able to know what is going on. After all, it is all about the traffic you bait on your site. You need to rethink and reconsider all the aspects with a new vision that incorporates all the new demands and requirements by the visitor.


In this faster than the fast era, it becomes really important that you have a full detailed research of your competitors. Its better if you go for an in-depth study for the people in the same line to get hold of what you tend to do while redesigning the website.

Understand and clearly decide your purpose before re-making your website. Back up with all your aims, goals and prospects, know the latest trends, new features, requirements and everything essential. This is the need of time to re-design your website but without a purpose it will be a waste.

For best trends and features of website design and reconstruction just log on to-www.webcomindia.biz

Website serves the purpose of creating brand awareness for you. But in a nation which is comprised of more than 50% of young generation, branding needs to go an extra mile by leveraging the power of social media on your site

Together, social media channels and your website would work seamlessly to promote your online brand. Including social media on the websites is no more a new practice yet several websites haven’t included links to digital media missing out some potential interactions and impressions.

Following are some points to remember:

1: Include Social Media Buttons

Best practices suggest that social media buttons be displayed on the top, bottom or along the side of your home page. To ensure that users don’t exit your web page altogether, you may want to create the buttons or links so that they open your social media pages in new windows. But all the platforms should be actively managed.

2: Integrate Where it Makes Sense

If you use social media to keep your customers or clients apprised of your recent happenings and are actively managing your outlets on a daily or bi-weekly basis, it might be wise to showcase your Twitter feed or Facebook posts directly on your website.

Linking out or displaying inactive social media channels will only cripple your online efforts.

3: Include Up-to-Date Buttons

Social media changes fast—so you should. If you added your buttons a year ago, they are probably palling around with the dinosaurs. In order to maintain credibility within this ever-changing realm, it is important to stay with the times. It is important to be tactful with your social media choices and do your research well.

4: Include Share Buttons

If you sell a product or run a full-fledged e-Commerce site and you haven’t added share buttons to your product pages, you are missing out on a whole host of potential social impressions.

Share buttons should enable website-goers to seamlessly share or recommend a product.

5: Use Analytics

Pay attention to the way in which individuals are using your social media buttons by tapping into Google Analytics. How many people are actually clicking on your outbound social media links.

If you find that few individuals explore your social media outlets once landing on your page, perhaps your social media buttons aren’t in a convenient location. It’s always best to have actual numbers to back up your choices.

6: Pay Attention to Terms and Conditions

This goes hand in hand with staying up to date and knowledgeable. The way you use social media reflects on your website, as well as your brand as a whole. If you’ve accidentally violated some terms and conditions in the past, delete those pages and do not link out to them even in the interim.

7: Stay Knowledgeable

Don’t get it twisted. With the changing social media landscape and array of rollouts these days, it is easy to confuse social media features. Keep in mind that if you are directed people to your site-there should be some useful for them

8: Use Social Media Insights Alongside Google Analytics

You can act smart with the many types of software available to allow you to see your social media insights alongside your web analytics in order to pick up on trends and to better understand the successes or failures of campaigns.