With social advertisements, it is easier for businesses to spread their message and connect with their target audience. But if you really want to stand out and keep on pursuing new frontiers that can give you the competitive edge, there is one area of digital marketing that is undergoing rapid growth. Though seldom heard about, it is the mobile advertising. It encompasses all advertising activities that target smartphone and tablet users with advertisements on mobile websites, apps, games, and app stores. Promotional content delivered through SMS and app messages also qualifies as a form of mobile marketing.


Customers generally keep their handsets with them which enables an individual to receive the information at the very moment it has been forwarded. Thus, mobile marketing strategies are very prompt.


India’s smartphone market is growing rapidly. The number of people using the mobile internet has surpassed the ones using a desktop. People owning smartphones have also increased across all sections of society – educated and uneducated as well. This change has increased the reach of mobile marketing. People having access to mobile ads have also increased. Thus mobile advertising has a wider reach compared to other devices.


Mobile phones are carried on the person making it a more efficient medium to transmit messages, unlike laptops and desktops. Advertisements have more visibility as there is no concern about time and location. These ads can also be particularly focused on nearby customers with the help of their smartphones.


Mobile marketing and advertising goes viral and connect with much more prospective customers more quickly. Social media outlets on our handsets make it very simple for mobile information to communicate with the customers. Mobile phones are the handiest gadget that everyone carries all the time with them. Almost 90% of the text messages, that are sent to handsets are read within 5 minutes. Branded text messages also have nearly 95% open rate.


Google is trying to push more on websites that are mobile friendly, as mobile searches have consistently risen since 2009 and finally surpassed desktop searches in 2018. In Google, speed has always been a factor of ranking.  Previously it was based on the desktop version of the sites, but now it looks at mobile site load speed as well. On March 26th, 2018, Google officially announced that they would be using mobile first indexing. Businesses with slow mobile sites face a decrease in mobile organic rankings.

Developing apps for a mobile environment is a completely different task than developing for the desktop environment. If you are looking at mobilization of core business processes, this is something of your interest.


Mobile apps must be designed to function across a wide spectrum of mobile environments. An app designed to run on a private WiFi network with free range access to the corporate network, for example, can run into performance issues when end user access the file from outside the company’s facilities.

Data on Demand

Leveraging push technology is an important and often overlooked attribute of mobile application development. While mostly associated with the delivery of user notifications, push and synch technologies deliver significant value by enabling mobile apps to work when users are offline.

Integrated Application Management

An unappreciated aspect of application development is the management of those applications. This includes all of the components of comprehensive lifecycle management, including application testing, rollout, updates and retirement.

An Unique User Experience

Mobile computing and communications require a unique user experience, completely distinct from a desktop environment. Enterprises that adopt development platforms that enable the creation of apps that provide a simplified user experience that is consistent across multiple platforms will make huge strides toward realizing their enterprise mobility ambitions.

Integrated Security

Given that the principal outcome of the next phase of the mobilization of the workforce is the increased accessibility of behind-the-firewall data to mobile devices, security is a crucial consideration of mobile app development.

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There has been a huge increase in the usage of Smartphones and tablets, consumers, nowadays. Many people highly rely on their mobile applications.  This year is seeing an upsurge in the number of users opting for mobile phones with internet access.

Besides, it’s also very clear that businesses have started to invest in the development of mobile applications. With such initiatives, they can expand their approach to branding, marketing and enhancing customer engagements.

Some mobile app development trends that are ruling the market are as follows:


Wearable devices that cover dual facets is the one technology high in demand. It is noteworthy that such apps are emerging to be very beneficial in the healthcare domain. With Apple, Samsung and Google smartwatches already hitting the market, its demand is already in the rise.


Meanwhile, the increase of mobile phone users has accelerated the development of more robust, handy, affordable and easy to use mobile phone apps. Also, there is a sudden boom in the cloud technology that has rendered cloud as the primary storage platform across all mobile apps. The Cloud integration of mobile apps requires less internal memory as these apps directly fetch data from the cloud. As a result of this approach, it will allow developing functionalities with such features that will be available on various mobile phones.


As can be seen, the trend that has a strong influence on the mobile app development world is accelerated mobile pages. This project is supported by Google and designed as an open-source initiative built to enhance page loading on mobile devices. It helps in the creation of websites that are fast, beautiful and high performing across various devices. 

The option of Isolated Search Index also helps to reduce bounce rate and increases visitors. It also affects the CTR(Click-Through Rate), the page rank and much more.


In the current world, Machine learning is gaining momentum. It includes everything from predictive analytics, natural language processing to augmented reality, virtual reality and artificial intelligence. Most of the trending technologies can benefit from machine learning.

The mobile app development industry is seeing a rise in the use of artificial intelligence in the development of mobile apps. It enables apps to identify complicated patterns and gain insights by analyzing large data.

Likewise, another trend in mobile app development which has taken the internet by storm is the Internet of Things. As an instance, Uber has successfully used the Internet of Things in its mobile app which in return has massively impacted the growth of app development around the world.


Furthermore, Blockchain Technology, at present, has gained huge attention compared to any other technology. Not only this technology share ledger which is difficult to alter, but it can also help in the recording of the company’s information which gets listed as blocked by default. As a result, it helps government organizations to have better financial transaction management, contract, asset management, and various regulatory compliances. It has further enabled Smartphone’s to store more mobile data in a secure way by implementing new security measures.

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