Till now we all know that the biggest means of entertainment is TV, which is again ruled by advertisements mainly. That’s why advertisements in TV are believed to be the effective means of all.  But recent research said something new and surprising. It said social ads are surpassing TV ads where TV ads going down day by day.

Common reasons for choosing Social ads over TV ads may be;

  • Easy tracking of social commercials
  • More visibility than TV
  • More responsive
  • More people involved
  • Latest trend

New research shows that for the first time, digital and social media ad spending has surpassed that of TV. Marketers everywhere are revisiting their strategies, leading to big changes in ad budgets.

The figures in this recent report, however, show in 2016 TV ad spending will be $71.29 billion with digital coming in at $72.09 billion. Digital accounts for 36.8% of total media ad spending and TV is just a few tenths of a percent lower at 36.4%.

It’s no surprise that digital ad spending has grown so much, given the sharp rise in social, mobile, and video. As a whole, social advertisement spend comes in at $15.36 billion or 21.3% of the total digital ad spend, up from 18.2% last year.

But the newest of the lot is mobile, as ad spending on mobile is expected to rise 45% to nearly $46 billion. In fact, in its latest report, social media giant Facebook announced that 84% ($5.24 billion) of their advertising revenue for the period of 2016 was from mobile ads. That number is expected to rise by 50% more by 2020.

Digital ads are clearly strong performers, with Google continuing to provide marketers with the ability to highly target a massive worldwide audience. Search is only about 1.25% behind digital ad spend, so it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. It’s true that the number of people using social networking continues to grow, but Internet searches will never cease.

In a latest Social Media Marketing report of the year, it’s been found that 55% of marketers currently use Facebook as their main platform and 67% of respondents plan to increase their marketing activities on Facebook.

An overwhelming large population of social marketers regularly uses Facebook ads, while only a few use Twitter ads. These numbers coincide with what social media advertising spend reports are showing because Facebook alone accounted for $11.93 billion or 16.6% of all digital ad spend compared with Google’s $4.79 billion share or 13.8%.

According to e-Marketer, nearly 66% of marketers plan to use Facebook for their video social marketing, while just over 42% plan on using YouTube. Our 2016 Social Media Marketing Industry Report shows that 73% of marketers plan on increasing their use of video in general and 50% plan on utilizing live video services such as Facebook Live and Periscope in the next year. The other half wants to learn more about live video.


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